Causes of Impotence, Sexual Weakness and Loss of Libido in Men

Libido loss has become a major problem identified in most men today. The word Libido is only a sexual desire for both men and women regardless of gender. Loss of Libido, Impotence or some other sexual weakness does not allow individuals or couples to feel satisfied after their sexual activity. Below are some of the causes of loss of libido in men.

Libido loss

Loss of libido in men is found to be less when compared to women. As 15% of men suffer from loss of libido, it has become 30% for women. Stress has been found as one of the most important reasons for causing loss of libido in men. Depression, diet and men’s lifestyle also cause loss of libido. Although the percentage of losing libido in men is less, they are more afraid than that woman. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and some other problems in the adrenal glands also cause loss of libido in men. Aging is said to be a natural cause for low libido because of decreased blood flow in the male genitals. Physiological disorders such as thyroid disorders, tumors, pituitary glands function etc., also affect male libido.

Impotence man

Male impotence is the most common disorder found in men throughout the world. Impotence in men is also known as erectile dysfunction. Impotence is a lack of erection or short-term erection that is not enough to provide sexual satisfaction for both partners. Similar causes such as modern lifestyles, god eating habits and many other factors add to male impotence. Erectile dysfunction mainly depends on penile erection. Erection only occurs when blood flows through all the veins and nerves that are inside the penis. This blood must be stored in the penis to maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction also occurs when treating diseases such as diabetes, asthma, depression and high blood pressure as side effects. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and hormonal imbalances reduce the production of the hormone testosterone also causes impotence.

Some other sexual weaknesses such as premature ejaculation, introverted ejaculation, reduction in semen volume, low sperm count and all other sexual problems occur for the same physical and psychological reasons. It is very difficult to show specific reasons for the causes of low libido, male impotence and some other sexual weakness in men. It’s important to make your penis get full, upright, hard and tight to have strong ejaculation rather than premature ejaculation. This can happen only when there is free blood flow to the tissue that makes the penis bigger, harder and tighter.

Herbal medicines and supplements must cure all weaknesses and sexual dysfunction for any reason. Herbal supplements made from herbs that have been tested provide a solution for all problems such as Loss of Libido, Male Impotence and all other sexual weaknesses in men without side effects. Herbal medicines in the form of pills, creams and tonics contain all the curative properties to overcome all possible deficiencies in the body and to have a better sexual relationship with your partner.

Erection Dysfunction in Men – Causes and Natural Cures

Jenasol is one of the few products on the market today that aims to really help men overcome premature ejaculation. Specific symptoms of erectile dysfunction can actually run a man’s sex life, and that can also greatly hamper one’s overall trust. This fast acting supplement also brings other sexual health benefits by helping men with premature ejaculation. Some of these benefits range from erectile control, increased sexual drive, and increased sexual stamina. If you are a man looking for a solution specifically for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, this product might be good to try.

The ingredients that are active in Jenasol are mainly vitamins, and are key deficiencies, effective male additives. The plus side is that no consumer complains about strange side effects after using this product. This also means you get a lot of your daily vitamins when taking this product consistently. The disadvantage of course is that consumers wonder whether this product can be truly effective in helping them with impotence problems. The company that makes Jenasol produce various types of male enhancement products, and they even have a product line specifically for women.

Jenasol should work and bring instant results within thirty minutes after taking the product. Many consumers value products that work quickly, but some men want products that not only act quickly, but also last long so they don’t have to plan sexual encounters. Aphrodisiac is always used in supplements like this to ensure men at least see an increase in sex drive after they take supplements. Many consumers agree that this pill works only in the selective arena of male enhancement, and does not have much effect on erectile control.

One of the negative factors of this product is the price. Most consumers will avoid products that are too expensive on the market just because there are cheaper partners who have more potential to be successful. If Jenasol includes some popular ingredients in male enhancement, like Yohimbe, they might have an easier time getting men to pay large sums of money for the product. Either way, the company will say that you cannot put a price on a healthy sex life, which is true considering that men will go erections that are hard and strong are the most important precursors for good performance in bed. Unfortunately a large number of men do not have the ability to achieve or maintain an erection. Not only older men experience erectile dysfunction but a large number of younger men also experience this problem. It goes without saying that erectile dysfunction can put you under a lot of stress and can be a big blow to your confidence.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Some causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men can include:

Poor blood flow to the penis – This can again be caused by various factors that play such as obesity, lack of physical activity, blockage of the arteries due to excessive smoking, etc.
Low testosterone levels – Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and low testosterone levels not only produce a decrease in libido but also trigger erectile dysfunction in men. Usually, testosterone production begins to slow down as you get older, especially after 30 years, but there are other factors that can also reduce testosterone production. Some of these include stress, depression, lack of physical activity, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of sleep, etc.
Certain drugs such as those used to treat depression, cancer, diabetes, boils can also affect your sexual health. In such cases, it is best to tell your doctor and he might consider changing medication.
Psychological problems such as stress, depression can also make you impotent in bed. Many young men experience erectile failure due to anxiety and nervousness. In addition, child relationships and harassment problems can also cause erectile problems.

How to cure erectile dysfunction

I’m sure the first thing that must happen to you is Viagra. No doubt, this is the most famous anti-impotence pill. However, drugs like Viagra come with many side effects. This is why most men prefer natural remedies.

There are many natural male enhancements that come in the form of pills, patches and gels.

Pills are clearly the most popular of all these products. Natural pills combine various herbs and other nutrients in strong combinations to ensure the best results. These pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis. They also increase testosterone production and increase nitric oxide secretion which plays an important role in increasing blood flow to the penis.

Not only that, certain herbs also help reduce stress and ensure better sexual function.

Penis gel or cream is also made with herbal extracts and is more suitable for temporary erectile problems that occur due to nervousness or anxiety. In addition, there are several high-quality gels that can help you get a hard erection even after you drink a few glasses. Another advantage of gels is that they can help you overcome premature ejaculation. This is one of the main reasons behind their increasing popularity.

Patch fillings, based on transdermal technology and apparently stronger than pills. This is because when you apply a patch to the skin, it releases all the ingredients directly into the bloodstream through the digestive tract. This makes the material more effective and provides better results.