Low Sex Drive – How to Naturally Increase Male Libido

Low sex drive (libido) can be said to be the absence or lack of sexual fantasies and desires for sexual activity. This is also referred to as a biological need for sexual activity and is often expressed as libido. The intensity of libido varies greatly between individuals and within individuals over a period of time.

This impulse is mainly related to androgens (testosterone) and brain pathways that affect motivation in both sexes. Male sex drive is stimulated to a greater degree by visual stimuli than female sex drive. Women are more sexually aroused by romantic words, images, and themes in films and stories.

There is a clear relationship between an individual’s mental health and his sexuality because a man is more likely to be and feel sexier when he feels good about life in general. Therefore, libido as a topic cannot be considered separately because many inputs are united to produce the level of libido that a man has – the more stable and happy he is, the more libido.

The health of the body and mind as a whole is an input that greatly affects sexual drive. Anxiety, deep anger and depression, and other minor psychological diseases that afflict people over time, all take a toll on male libido. Speaking categorically, Libido is just a reflection of your feelings about yourself, as well as how you feel about sex. You cannot separate yourself from gender and vice versa.

When men age, it is natural for their libido to decrease gradually but equally there are certain factors that can also cause men to experience low or lack of desire to have sex. There are a number of factors that can really affect one libido and this may be psychological, physical ignorance, lifestyle and even medical problems.

Psychological problems such as stress, depression, relationship conflict, negative or traumatic sexual experiences, wind pressure, tension, hypertension and even sleep deprivation can play a very detrimental role in reducing one’s libido. Often, treatments for depression, anxiety, and other conditions include drugs that have side effects that include further reduction of libido.

The use of sedatives and drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure can also result in loss of libido in men. Illegal drug abuse will also result in loss of sexual drive. Similar to a number of medical conditions and diseases such as thyroid disorders, tumors, cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes are great libido deflators.

Inactive lifestyles, obsessive and excessive smoking and drinking habits, the use of recreational drugs, and obesity are far better than libido than ever thought. Therefore there is a need to stop the libido lifestyle that inhibits before someone can actually increase libido. Regular and consistent exercise must be done to help maintain the right weight and improve sexual performance.

There is also a need to pay attention to your diet. You can increase your intake of fresh vegetables rich in vitamins A and E such as carrots and cucumbers, and also some food sources that are considered as sex enhancers such as oysters, chicken, beef, fish, garlic, ginger, and eggs. Also increasing your intake of milk and dairy products will help increase your overall sexual desire.

However, refined carbohydrates, sugar, processed and fast foods and caffeine can trigger mood swings, irritability, and anxiety and should therefore be avoided because they tend to reduce libido. Also to be avoided are saturated fats and trans fats (red meat, high fat dairy products, fried and processed foods) that can damage blood vessel health.

Therefore, when considering increasing one’s libido, it must be realized that it is not only the supplement that you want to take that will ensure that your sexual drive is pushed to all new ones. You must sort out the other factors mentioned above which play an important role in increasing or decreasing libido.

However, with all the changes made as mentioned above, they themselves may not be able to effectively increase your libido to overcome the lack of sexual desire. This is basically why supplements from all varieties are there to help in providing sufficient amounts of most of the essential nutrients our body needs to function properly.

When looking for natural male sexual supplements, you must realize that most solutions are not successful because basically they focus on testosterone production alone which in many cases is not lacking in men who have low sex drive. Instead you have to be on the prospect for supplements that have good and rich amounts in the following four supplements for overall male sexual health and increased libido.

L-Arginine – Natural Viagra
L-Arginine is also a major source of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, a substance that increases the size of blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely through the body. It functions as a vasodilator which makes it most effective in increasing male libido because it relaxes the penile muscles and stimulates blood flow for erections that are stronger, harder and longer.

L-Arginine is actually considered a precursor of Nitric Oxide because it stimulates Nitric Oxide release from the walls of blood vessels, thereby increasing circulation. There is a need for efficient blood circulation in the body and more importantly on the genitals so that erections can be achieved and maintained.

Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) is one of the most widely used and recognized herbs in the world. The word panax is formed from Greek roots which means “cure-all” and Panax ginseng has long been regarded as one of the healing and strengthening of herbs in natural medicine.

Ginseng is classified as an adaptogen, which is a substance that helps the body adapt to stress and balance itself without causing major side effects. It has also been shown to have antioxidant effects, increase the activity of the immune system, and also Korean ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine to treat asthma, digestive weakness and erectile dysfunction. Korean ginseng generally increases physical and mental energy.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo biloba, a plant, has a long history of use. Ginkgo has undergone extensive research for various health conditions. It is an antioxidant, improves blood circulation by dilating blood vessels, and reduces blood platelet adhesiveness.

It also increases blood flow to the brain and sexual organs (increases sexual sensation); has been shown to alleviate sexual problems caused by antidepressant medications, such as low libido, arousal, and orgasm. It can also help treat heart disease, stroke, impotence due to poor blood flow, and nerve damage related to diabetes.

Horny Goat Weed
The herb, which dilates blood vessels, has been used as a reproductive system tonic to treat impotence and premature ejaculation and also as a rejuvenating tonic, as an aphrodisiac to relieve fatigue.

This is dopamine in Horny Goat Weed which may be responsible for the use of herbs as reproductive tonics. Increased dopamine levels in the body trigger a chain reaction that leads to the release of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Also other evidence shows the herb increases sensitivity to nerve endings, which can explain why it is prescribed as an aphrodisiac.

There are many male sexual supplements that can help improve and maintain a person’s libido and when considering one supplement should look out for the ingredients above in the supplement composition as the components used in the formulation are very important. Most importantly, you must ensure that they are clinically approved and can be recommended by your doctor.

How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally

Even though you may be very good at your job or business, you may be lacking when your sexual abilities are concerned either because of the size of the penis or due to other sexual deficiencies such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This may sacrifice your confidence and self-esteem. Although the choice for male enhancement methods is not limited, you must be very careful when choosing products. Methods such as vacuum pumps, loads and operations are not preferred by experts because they can cause permanent damage to sensitive erectile tissues and make you impotent for life.

It is possible to get a bigger penis naturally through some simple and easy exercises. In addition, you must remember that penis enhancement is not only about increasing penis size, but it also must provide solutions to other sexual problems so that there is a complete sexual enhancement. Ideally, exercise is the best known method that not only helps you add inches to the male genitals but also helps you increase erection firmness, overcome erectile dysfunction and increase your control of ejaculation by strengthening your PC muscles.

These exercises are called Jilqs and form an intrinsic part of male enhancement. Jelq is performed on a partial erection by gripping the base of the penis between your index finger and thumb and running your hand slowly down the shaft to stop just before the penis head. This movement repeats again and again and you gradually increase the number of repetitions when your body is used. However, there are some precautions that you must observe when doing this exercise. For example, it is very important to warm up by wrapping a warm towel or cloth over your genitals before starting with this exercise, second, it is important for you to use a type of oil on your genitals and hands at onset. etc. In addition, some men find that pubic hair prevents them from gripping the base of the stem. In addition, there is always a risk of pulling hair which can be very painful. Thus, it is better to cut your pubic hair or shave it completely.

In addition, you need to remember that although this exercise is very effective, network growth takes time and you must be patient and persistent in your efforts. Some young men tend to do this exercise more than once a day because they are too excited. This is likely to exhaust the erectile tissue and not function.

However, if you want to speed up the process, it is recommended that you combine this exercise with natural pills. High-quality natural pills increase blood circulation to the genitals and relax the penile blood vessels so that more blood can enter the erectile tissue. This ensures the erection is stronger and more durable. As far as pills are concerned, make sure they don’t contain Yohimbe which has been banned by the FDA because it can affect your cardiovascular system and cause complications.

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Techniques For Controlling Premature Ejaculation

“My relationship with my boyfriend suffered greatly from my premature ejaculation. We tried to make it look like it was just a small thing until he told me in tears he had betrayed me because of this problem. I was devastated!”

Nobody wants to be in this situation, but often couples try to overcome sexual problems because of shame or because the feeling that focus on sex will be an insult to all major parts of a relationship. Ultimately though sex is an integral part of your sexual fulfillment and overall happiness in a relationship and if you cannot survive long enough in bed with your woman, you may need techniques to control premature ejaculation so you can have sex, a big passion You need to maintain intimacy in front of the physical.

How long isn’t it long enough?

If you are not sure how long you have to endure sexual intercourse, you may be nervous and confused whether you really have premature ejaculation. While if you are barely a minute you might know you have a short fuse another man who can last even longer may feel that they are not satisfying their partner which can be a source of shame too.

First of all, you must realize that there are no definite rules about how long sex should be. There is no threshold that you need to achieve to give your partner satisfaction because this varies from partner to partner to be very based on their emotional and physical differences. It is also not important for a man to give orgasm to women with penetration at any time for them to enjoy sex and for you to feel happy with it.

This is not to say women don’t crave orgasms and that they are happy with just quickies too. It is important to know what your girl likes and if you cannot survive long enough to give them pleasure then they will feel sexually dissatisfied. Sometimes they can even feel upset because you can reach orgasm and they can’t even though you feel as bad and less than a man because of that.

What techniques to control premature ejaculation there?

There are several methods to prevent premature ejaculation and while you might think this is just a physical problem there are many psychological and emotional elements that need their own techniques to overcome as well. Determining which is more of a problem then focusing on them first is the best way to proceed so here are some problems and techniques that you can use.


Fast Heart Rate

When we exercise or are excited, our heart rate rises and the body starts producing all kinds of hormones and chemicals that serve a variety of important functions including how to orgasm. The body and orgasm are somehow controlled by how happy you ware which means that if you don’t maintain good body control you will lose it! When you make love, however this can be difficult. Your partner is pleasing to you, it feels amazing and the whole situation is intoxicating and full of emotions and very high sexuality.

How can you stop your heart from racing? You can try not to get too carried away with your partner’s body and face that communicate a lot of visual excitement, closing your eyes can help some men or concentrate on points on the ceiling can help even though it might bother your partner that you don’t pay attention too so be careful ! Attention to slow things down even though your body tells you to go faster can also retreat from self-stimulation and increase your heat level. One of the simplest things to do even though it’s proven to be calming heart racing that many athletes know is to control your breathing. When you inhale in and out, your heart rate increases so the solution to reduce it is to keep your breathing stable and try to breathe long and take shorter breaths when you need to remove carbon dioxide in the lungs which signals your brain to make you breathe harder which can make your heart rise a notch.

Poor PC Muscle Control

PC muscle or PuboCoccygeus muscle is part of your body that controls the flow of fluid from your penis. It’s also important to control your orgasm to stop reaching orgasm too quickly. The technique for controlling premature ejaculation is often the focus may be too heavy on these muscles but it is a major part of maintaining control during sex. If you strengthen and have excellent control of this muscle, you can tighten it during love, making you not only stop the flow of fluid, but also tell the brain that you are not ready for orgasm. So PC muscle control is very important. To do this, you need to do Kegel Exercises which are just exercises that involve you flexing your PC muscles in different ways. This will strengthen them and give you control over them later when you are with your woman to allow far greater physical control than you have ever had. Penis is too sensitive

This can be a problem for young lovers especially those who are not used to sexual relations. Although there are drugs that kill the penis, this is not a real solution. There is no real solution to this but experience, the more you make love the more familiar you will get. IF you can control other problems surrounding premature ejaculation, this shouldn’t be a big problem. The only way to truly control, this is to communicate with your partner about speed and what you do that is not an early ejaculation control technique but it will help.


Performance Anxiety

This can be another big problem for younger men, but if you have a lot of experience, premature ejaculation can become more of a passing phase and can become ingrained. Worrying about your abilities and if you can please your partner and if you are of any use and if you will come too fast can really destroy your confidence and become a fulfilling prophecy. Later this can also cause impotence if it is not treated so if it is an ongoing matter this needs to be examined.

Good communication with your lover can help with a lot of foreplay to make them very excited which gives you time to maintain control and increase your confidence that with your hands, mouth and other parts of your body, you can give them pleasure and make them want you . Another useful mental trick is to consider yourself confident even if you don’t feel it. Think and repeat to yourself that you are a male, a sexually passionate man with great bedroom skills. You may realize that you are not, but if you act like this, it’s amazing how much can make a difference, the more you believe and repeat something to yourself the more it becomes reality. If you manage to last a few times to do this and you see it work, you will destroy the mental barrier and anxiety will decline.

Unrealistic Expectations

Even though pornography might make you think that you know a lot about sex, it really destroys many realistic elements to make love and replace it in your mind with higher expectations about what your partner and yourself should do. This can make you think you have to act like a porn star and hammering like a jackhammer so fast that you lose control because that’s what you think women like. Forget this! If you need a role model to base your love, try to see romantic girl movies with a few more sex scenes because that’s what makes them more. Get rid of pornographic images because pornography was created for men not for women and ruins of what should be an intimate moment in hopes of something that is very unrealistic and man-centered.